Did you know that research has proven that black male students have lower dropout rates, fewer disciplinary issues, and more positive feelings towards schooling and tests when they’re influenced by a black male teacher?

Unfortunately, there is a dire shortage of black male educators (BMEs) due to the high level of burnout they experience after taking on many additional roles (disciplinarian, mentor, tutor, counselor, coach, and “black boy” expert) with little to no additional compensation. 

Instead of being seen as the crucial instructional leaders that they are, they’re seen as behavior managers. 

It’s time for change and that’s why BMEsTalk was founded: to help define the narrative relating to black male educators in our communities and to solidify their value, intelligence, and brilliance.

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To create and curate safe, rich spaces for Black Male Educators (BMEs) to Connect, Grow and Lead.

Affinity spaces

for Black Male Educators

Spaces for like-mindedness, designed to inspire Black Male Educators (BMEs) to achieve their full potential.


Because we are addressing the needs of
Black Male Educators

We exist solely for Black men and those looking to support them. BMEsTalk works diligently to connect black male educators, leaders, and aspiring teachers across the globe so they can lift one another up and help propel each other towards a brighter, stronger future. 

We do this by unapologetically affirming our culture and race through our affinity spaces designed to engage and cultivate the WHOLE Black Man. In these spaces, we offer: Affinity, Self Care, Leadership Development, and Career Pathways created specifically and uniquely for the Black Male Educator.


A space of like-mindedness for Black Male Educators is crucial due to the isolation many BMEs feel in their role. Unfortunately, Black Male Educators are often the only one (or one of a few) in their school, district, and other institutions.


Connecting BMEs to their future and companies to BMEs. Black male educators receive limited assistance when considering their career opportunities in the education industry.


Virtual spaces created specifically with the black male educator in mind. Instead of trying to fit into a digital community that doesn’t understand their unique situation, BMEsTalk designed one to fit their needs.

Development &
Self Care

Our expertly designed leadership classes and programs help schools, companies, and educators learn how to support, develop, and retain BMEs in their networks.


A space and place to
stretch your soul

Take a moment to watch this video to see J. Tristan Hall, an Assistant Principal in Philadelphia, share his experience with and gratitude for BMEsTalk and the affinity space he’s been a part of for over three years.

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Do you feel compelled to be a part of the life-changing mission of BMEsTalk? Whether you’re a black male educator yourself or if you’re simply someone who recognizes their importance, we would be grateful for your support and sponsorship. Join our endeavor to equip and grow black male educators today.

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