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2022 Summer Professional Learning: BMEsTalk Catalyst and BMEsTalk Incubator

2022 Summer Professional Learning: BMEsTalk Catalyst and BMEsTalk Incubator

Are you ready to rediscover and reaffirm your “why” and gain the skills for effective leadership? BMEsTalk 2022 Summer Professional Learning programs offer two unique, immersive learning experiences to build confidence, strength, empowerment, and growth among other Black Male Educators.

BMEsTalk Catalyst

BMEsTalk Catalyst offers an intensive learning experience in a group setting to network, grow your skills, and expand your horizons with other Black Male Educators. Knowing you’re within a strong network of Black Male Educators, you can harness your energy to be a force of change in your classroom, school, and communities.

Our Catalyst will give you the confidence to believe in yourself and the skills to lead others effectively, preparing you to start off the next school year right.

Some of the skills and topics covered include:

  • – Leveraging the powerful impact of personal storytelling – show others who you are, not who the world thinks you are
  • – Enhancing the concepts of emotional intelligence to stay calm, focused, and level-headed in stressful situations
  • – Practicing various communications strategies to learn how to disagree effectively and hold crucial conversations to mitigate conflict
  • – Tapping into the power of collective intelligence to mobilize self towards transformational action
  • – Exploring the facilitation practices that build trust and credibility with colleagues through culturally responsive and sustaining facilitation practices

Some of the daily themes include “Claiming our stories,” “Demanding our dignity,” and “Navigating power, privilege, and workplace dynamics.”

BMEsTalk Catalyst is an in-person, four-day intensive learning experience that’s held July 12, 2022 to July 15, 2022 in Atlanta, GA. Each day will begin at 9 AM and end at 4 PM.

Along with your learning experiences, you’ll also receive a complimentary catered lunch each day, a custom journal, exclusive access to the BMEsTalk Happy Hour for socializing and networking, and BMEsTalk Swag!

BMEsTalk Incubator

BMEsTalk Incubator is a 10-month facilitative leadership certificate program that requires both in-person and virtual participation. This immersive program offers the skill-building and in-depth learning experiences necessary to unlock your leadership potential, serve your students, and be a force for change.

Some of the skills you’ll learn include:

  • – Knowledge of how to create strategies for change and initiatives that are impactful and sustainable across your schools and communities
  • – Structures and processes to address the academic and social challenges our students face each day
  • – The tools to discover and adapt your personal leadership style to motivate change
  • – An exclusive opportunity to join and lead with the BMEsTalk team on future projects

The themes of the Incubator Program also include a one-day orientation retreat, eight virtual breakthrough coaching calls, and a two-day closing retreat.

BMEsTalk Incubator is an in-person and virtual learning experience that’s held July 12th, 2022, to May 22, 2023 in Atlanta, GA.

After this intensive program, you’ll return with a BMEsTalk Facilitative Leadership Certificate, the BMEsTalk Incubator Resource Toolkit, and a complimentary seat to BMEsTalk Incubator Dinner and Awards Ceremony. Catered lunch each day of the retreats is also included.

Register for 2022 Summer Professional Learning!

Both BMEsTalk Catalyst and Incubator programs begin at the same time, and the spots are limited to keep the learning experience intimate. Spots are filling fast – only 45 seats are available for Catalyst and 15 seats are available for Incubator.

Will you join us? Register now for your summer learning experience!

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