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5 Famous Black Male Educators That Everyone Needs To Know About

Black males educators are an essential part of today’s education system, as they greatly impact the lives of their students in more ways than one. Not only do Black male educators serve as role models for impressionable Black students, but they also bring an important perspective and unique life experience into the classroom.

5 Famous Black Male Educators That Forever Shaped History

What better way to honor today’s incredible Black teachers, principles, coaches, and mentors than by taking a look at famous Black educators of the past. Each of these men forever shaped the course of America’s education system.

Below are five of the most impactful Black male educators that played a role in improving diversity and racial equity during their time: 

#1: Frederick Patterson

Holding a doctorate in veterinary medicine, a master in science, and a doctorate of philosophy, Frederick Patterson’s well-known title as president of the Tuskegee Institute was well-deserved. Patterson’s greatest accomplishments include his founding of the School of Veterinary Medicine at Tuskeegee and his later creation of the United Negro College Fund. This organization generates scholarships to help Black students attend historically Black colleges. 

#2: Nathan Hare

Nathan Hare was the college educator and Black Power movement activist responsible for the creation of the first Black studies department in higher education institutions. In the year 1968, Hare coordinated a Black studies program at San Francisco State University, only for hundreds of universities to follow in his footsteps over the years.

#3: Marcus Foster

Marcus Foster’s role in the k-12 education system is an important one to note. After serving as principal of a Philadelphia high school in the 1960s, Marcus Foster made a name for himself as the very first Black superintendent in United States history at a large public school, Oakland Unified School District. 

#4: Kelly Miller

Kelly Miller is forever remembered as the first Black mathematics graduate student at John Hopkins University, later going on to become the dean of Howard University’s College of Arts and Sciences. Miller is revered as a trailblazer for future Black Americans pursuing higher education degrees, as he advocated for racial equality and access to higher education for Black Americans. 

#5: Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington is one of the most famous Black educators and advocates of all time. Despite being born into slavery, Booker T. Washington became one of the founders and very first presidents of the now Tuskegee University. Washington also did years of meaningful work securing funds and donations to create schools and programs for Black American students. 

BMEs Talk Supports Aspiring Black Male Educators

Although this list only begins to scratch the surface of all of the incredible Black educators from the past, each of these educators has paved the way for the work being accomplished at BMEsTalk today. 

With the mission to empower and support the wellbeing of Black Male Educators, BMEsTalks is an organization committed to making a difference in the world of academia.

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