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BMEsTalk Expands in 2022: It’s Time to Transform the Lives of Black Students for the Better

BMEsTalk is humbled to be partnering with CommunityBuild Ventures. We will expand across the United States and the globe, taking the world by storm. We will continue to positively impact the lives of all students, particularly Black male pupils, in schools. 

BMEsTalk Expansion With CommunityBuild Ventures

Thanks to NewSchools’s Venture Fund, BMEsTalk and CommunityBuild Ventures have the opportunity to enhance, expand, and transform the mindsets of pupils all over the country.

It’s time to abolish limiting beliefs that exist only because of how the world once used to be. Instead, it’s time to educate all students about racial equity — CommunityBuild Venture’s key mission.

The concept of true justice and ultimate racial equity will prove to young Black boys that limiting beliefs are there from a different time and can be modified. Simultaneously, it teaches all students to understand the origin of this mindset for people of color and how to inspire a truly racially just society. That starts from the classroom. And, once understood and adapted, as the students grow into adults, they can promote this within the workplace. 

The funding also allows BMEsTalk and CommunityBuild Ventures to develop the skills of our young people, best preparing them for the world waiting for them after graduating from school. 

Lessons and skills that we’re working on to teach effectively are:

  • – Education-based racial affinity group programming 
  • – Teacher-leader development initiatives 
  • – Education consultant services

About CommunityBuild Ventures

The link between CommunityBuild Ventures and BMEsTalk lies within the world we’re aiming to build for our children, their children, and their children’s children, and so on and so forth. 

CBV is a company that is committed to eradicating racial injustice through the use of their robust development of racially-just and aware leaders within organizations. They use their skills to place racism under the microscope and dissect it to then remove it entirely from our society. 

Their Thrive Design service focuses on improving equity within schools, working directly with leaders, teachers, staff, and school partners. 

How BMEsTalk’s Mission Is Becoming Reality With CBV and Funding

BMEsTalk was launched and maintained with our mission in mind. It kept the wheels turning, motivation growing, and strategies forming. 

BMEsTalk is here to ensure that Black male educators gain a culturally affirming professional learning space and community. By doing so, they can continue transforming the lives of all their students, particularly black boys, within schools. 

Funding from NewSchools — which seeks out organizations that recruit and support the growth of Black teachers, leaders, and advocates — will aid in education organizations adopting inclusive, equitable practices. These approaches will push forward the ultimate goal of improving children’s life outcomes and opportunities.

When these three organizations come together, offering an essential piece of the puzzle, everything slots together, and change becomes not only possible but closer than ever before. 

The funding offered to BMEsTalk for their collaboration with CBV is so much more than money. Every dollar represents a chance to change a child’s life. It’s an opportunity to adjust the way the world is and make it better for everyone. A genuinely equal future approaches, and it’s been fast-tracked by NewSchool’s generosity, CBV’s dedication to a racially just society, and BMEsTalk’s mission to enhance the lives of children — particularly black boys — for a better tomorrow. 

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