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BMEsTalk Helps Address BMEs Current Issues Plaguing Their Schools

The past 18 months have been unsettling for educational establishments. In light of the emergence of a global pandemic affecting physical and mental health, educators face many new challenges.

And that doesn’t mean the old ones have gone away or gotten less apparent. Financial insecurity and racial inequalities in education still exist. 

To combat the ever-growing list of obstacles Black male educators face in the classroom, BMEsTalk offers a range of district services to help educators move forward in these trying times.

What Is BMEsTalk?

The mission of BMEsTalk is to create and curate safe, rich spaces for Black male educators to connect, grow and lead. Powered by CommunityBuild Ventures, BMEsTalk—led by senior partner Ayodele Harrison— speaks to leaders in schools about the issues today’s educators, students and faculty are grappling with. 

By reviewing the organizational, cultural, and school learning environment, BMEsTalk discusses the serious issues affecting both schools as a whole and the Black male educators a part of them. 

What Issues Do Educational Establishments Face In This School Year? 

COVID-19 And The Delta Variant

Schools remain a divisive factor even though debate is still open about how much role they play in the spread of COVID-19. Some parents and staff believe schools should be closed, whereas others think schools should avoid student learning disruptions.

The delta variant is thought to be twice as easy to spread, which could cause more school closures in the future. 

School closures have already impacted student learning. Disadvantaged families who cannot afford online devices for homeschooling have seen their children’s education suffer. Parents who worked full time and were unable to dedicate time to homeschooling also experienced challenges in their children’s education. And those school staff members who had to teach online while providing for their own children have reported a very stressful time. 

At BMEsTalk, we understand these issues deeply, and we aim to bring together BMEs to discuss and respond to these difficulties. 

The Impact Of Covid-19 On Mental Health

The first term of any school year is already an upheaval for many students adjusting to new schools and systems. However, with COVID-19, the impact on students and staff’s mental health has been phenomenal. 

It’s tricky to judge the true extent that the pandemic has had on mental health. Some students may have thrived on homeschooling, whereas others will find themselves behind academically. 

Students who have grown used to homeschooling now face anxiety as they find themselves back in schools. In addition, some students are afraid of the implications of COVD-19 and find socially large groups intimidating. 

Schools and staff need to discuss how best to approach the mental health needs of all those working and learning in educational institutions. BMEsTalk Leadership provides the ideal space for Black male educators to reach out and find solutions.  

Financial Implications And Racial Inequalities

Although some federal financial relief was made available to schools after the pandemic struck, it’s yet not clear if it will be enough. With the existing inequalities and understaffing issues, the discussion becomes even more complicated. 

Racial inequality in schools and COVID-19 restrictions continue to affect learning for many Black students. Moreover, Black male educators are also experiencing the inability to move forward in their careers as they are left stuck in behavioral and disciplinarian roles. 

BMEsTalk inspires Black male educators to reach their fullest potential through participating in professional learning experiences customized to meet their needs. 

How To Find Out More About BMEsTalk

Interested in joining BMEsTalk or using BMEsTalk services? Check out our website and discover why BMEsTalk is the number one virtual group for Black male educators today. 

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