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BMEsTalk Leadership is Back

Black Male Educators, are you ready to achieve your full potential? 

Who is BMEsTalk Leadership Lab for? 

Are you a black male educator looking for a group of brothers who understand your frustrations? Want to be part of a higher collective energy of BME’s who care about their professional development? 

The BMEsTalk Leadership Lab is a virtual space open to anyone identifying as a black male educator. Through a series of online meetings, we provide a safe space to discuss the unique challenges faced personally and professionally by BME’s. Together we are stronger. 

How BMEsTalk addresses the needs of Black Male Educators

We’re much more than a virtual group. At BME Talk, we put the needs of BME’s first. 

Find your community

Feeling isolated, socially alone, and disconnected? At BMEsTalk, we promote a collective affinity. Finally, you’ll be amongst a group of men who understand. 

Learn how to address your needs

Burnout is a real issue for BME’s. We show you how to take care of yourself and start to put your own needs first. 

Effective leadership development and career pathways

Fed up being seen as a behavior specialist instead of the excellent educator you are? Our workshops are a space to learn how to raise your professional profile and further develop your leadership qualities.

A digital community that understand

BMETalk Leadership is one of the few digital communities out there specifically for Black Male Educators. We provide a safe space for BME’s to connect, grow and lead. 

“BMEs Talk is like that when you get brothers with the same mindset to come together and unite as one. It’s a powerful bond that cannot be broken” @Mr KDP Twitter

Why Black Male Educators need BMEsTalk Leadership Lab more than ever

With the ongoing pandemic and the Delta Covid variant running rampage through schools, 2021/22 is set to be another challenging academic year for educators. 

Issues like student and staff mental health, financial discrepancies and the continued racial inequality that we still find in our educational establishments are at the forefront of our minds as educators.

As a Black Male Educator, it’s difficult to know who to talk to about these issues, especially if you’re the only BME in your educational setting. How do you successfully bring about change linked to racial inequality when you’re in the minority yourself? 

Yet, these are issues that NEED addressing. 

BMETALK Leadership tackles these issues head on. Together we can bring about change. 

It’s time to join a group of brothers who understand your concerns.

Our first cohort takes place on September 22, 2021. 

Theme – Exploring individual and collective identity. Time 5:00pm – 7:00pm EST. 

Don’t miss out. Book your spot now. 

You can also join BME’s every week in our Happy Hour Session. Join us on the 2nd of every month to chat, connect, unwind and just be. 

Spaces are limited, though, so book your spot quickly. 


A shout out to our sponsors

Thank you to: 

Los Angeles Southwest College

Clayton State University 


The Annie E Casey Foundation 


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