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BMEsTalk Leadership Lab returns 9/2021

What is the BMEsTalk Leadership Lab? It is a series of four (4) virtual workshops that offers Black men in education the opportunity to design and lead equity-centered learning experiences for their students, parents, and fellow educators.

How will students benefit? Their Black male teachers engage in a professional learning community that offers:

  • Exposure to culturally sustaining teaching practices for students and adults
  • Brave space to practice social-emotional learning (SEL) competencies
  • Provides feedback, support and mentorship around issues in their teaching/ leadership practices

Why is it unique? BMEsTalk Leadership Lab is a rare professional learning space for Black men to exercise self care, share resources, receive mentorship.

Who should attend? BMEsTalk Leadership Lab is for Black men working in district, charter, private, independent and international TK-12 schools who are able to attend the full series.

What will participants walk away with? Besides an expanded network of Black men in education from around the globe, they will walk away with:

  • A digital resource folder with templates of equity-centered learning activities
  • A digital community of Black men in education that can provide ongoing mentorship

Leadership Lab Themes:

  • September 22, 2021 – Exploring individual and collective identity
  • October 6, 2021 – Discussing equity with strangers
  • October 20, 2021 – Sharing your racial identity journey
  • November 3, 2021 – Celebrating moments of excellence

All workshops will be held from 5:00pm to 7:00pm EST.

What to expect? BMEsTalk Leadership Lab is delivered in live, interactive learning workshops conducted online via Zoom. Each workshop is experiential and will include small/whole group discussions, journalling, multimedia activities and the use of structured conversation protocols to build community and deepen understanding.

Payment Options:

  • Registration by credit card via Eventbrite is our preferred method.
  • If you need to pay by check, ACH wire transfer or purchase order please email Ayodele Harrison ( to request an invoice.

Testimonial from the first series –

“I registered for the leadership lab because I saw an opportunity to strengthen my craft as a black male educator by developing the skills necessary to facilitate transformative DEI sessions here at KIPP NJ. During the session I was able to learn and share with veteran educators who are committed to doing the work of creating equitable school environments starting with our classrooms. The identity work that we participated in gave me an opportunity to reflect on how my identity shows up in my work and the impact that this may have on my students, families, and coworkers. I truly believe that BMEsTalk is a safe space for black male educators to engage in the critical work of unpacking their biases around race, gender, sexuality, and ability in our classrooms and beyond.” -Tajee B, 1st year Educator, New Jersey.

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BMEsTalk Leadership Lab Data

Short Term – Each workshop

Long Term – One full series

Long Long Term – Start of series number 2


  • Attendance
    • ST

50% who bought single tickets will buy all tickets to remaining 4

  • 50% of lab participants are based in Metro Atlanta
  • 20% of participants self identify administrators
  • LT
    • 90% of registrants who bought all access passes attend all 5 workshops
  • Learning
    • ST
      • 90% of people will agree
        • I learned several tools and promising practices to efficiently and effectively move conversations into actions.
        • I learned several tools and promising practices that will help bring about the conditions within a group, so that one’s identity does not predict how they will engage in a learning experience.
        • Recommend that other BMEs attend
        • Learned new tools for facilitating ….
  • Willingness to return
    • LT
      • 40% of participants will indicate interest in attending a 2nd institute
    • LLT
      • 85% of returnees will bring a BME to attend


  • ST
    • Survey for Workshop #1
      • Additional question: If you self-identify as a teacher, what are your aspirations for leadership
  • LT
    • Close out questions (following the 5th and final session)
      • How did your involvement and participation in the BMEsTalk Leadership Lab fit into your broader goals for developing yourself as a leader?
      • In what ways will what you learned in this workshop change (or inform) your leadership practices or philosophy?
      • I would recommend this BMEsTalk Leadership Lab to a fellow Black Male Male Educator? Levels of agree
      • Did this series give you a new perspective, challenge your point of view or introduce you to new techniques, skills process?
      • Who did you build positive relationships with?
      • What was the most enjoyable moment
        • I would recommend this BMEsTalk Leadership Lab to a fellow Black Male Male Educator? Levels of agree
        • How did you help others during this Leadership lab
        • As a result of attending the Leadership Lab, how might you better support and encourage your colleagues on future projects?
        • I would attend a 2nd BmesTalk Leadership Lab series (scale of agree)

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