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BMEsTalk Learn to Lead Series

Are leaders born? Or made?

Being an effective, inspirational leader isn’t something you’re born with – it’s learned. It takes work and effort. You may feel uncomfortable, awkward, or like you’re “winging it” and making it up as you go along. That’s okay, because that’s what it takes to develop these skills.

As Black Male Educators, we have few learning spaces to develop our skills, make mistakes without judgment, and learn from them to grow and become more effective leaders. At BMEsTalk, we sought to change that and designed several leadership developments and learning opportunities to teach future leaders to connect, grow, and lead.

BMEsTalk Commitments to Learning

Our commitments are:

  • – We honor the expertise, cultural knowledge, and lived experiences of the Black Male Educators by de-emphasizing a single voice as the “expert” in the room.

  • – We utilize structured conversations, reflective dialogue, and collaboration to spark curiosity and assist Black Male Educators with uncovering and raising assumptions.

  • – We facilitate judgment-free learning activities that make space for Black Male Educators to engage in personal reflection.

  • – We welcome imperfection and ambiguity so that Black Male Educators can better identify and advocate for their learning needs.

Our commitments to learning were developed to create an environment that allows Black men to be open, push back against social conditions, “take off the armor,” and “unmask” to show up as our authentic selves. We can be vulnerable and learn.

By creating these conditions – this culture of learning – we are able to face our insecurities, shortcomings, and failures to reach our full potential. We can say “I don’t know” in a safe and open space.

We can ask the tough questions that don’t have simple or easy answers. We don’t have to be the loudest in the room. We can shed all the things we’ve been taught to do to protect ourselves, mentally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually, in our professional spaces.

These commitments allow us to be our true, authentic, human selves, so we can enhance and amplify our learning and development as leaders.

We may be minorities in education, but in this space, we’re the majority. We are us. We can share in our experiences and perspectives to learn from one another and find strategies to break through the barriers.

In this video clip, Principal Curtis Lawrence discusses his time participating in a BMEsTalk Leadership Development experience and what he gained from his experience.

Our previous sessions have included topics like “Demanding our dignity,” a discussion unpacking racialized identity in the US, and “Visioning for the future,” a discussion in which participants envision their roles as future leaders. 

About BMEsTalk

Powered by CommunityBuild Ventures, BMEsTalk serves Black men working across district, charter, independent, parochial, and international TK-12 schools. We were created with a focus specifically on the Black Male Educator and offer affinity, leadership development, and career pathways and opportunities.

Register for the BMEsTalk Learn to Lead Series

Though BMEsTalk focuses on Black Male Educators, this event is open to all people. Our information session will be held virtually on Zoom from noon to 1 PM EST to answer and questions and provide information about our new signature programs.

Our upcoming Learn to Lead Series sessions are scheduled for May 25th and June 29th. Register here to reserve your spot!

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