Bmestalk summit


What is BMEsTalk SUMMIT?

BMEsTalk SUMMIT is a safe, curated space for Black Males to engage in thought-provoking dialogue and interactive learning experiences centered on: 

  • Addressing the unique issues Black Males face in the education pipeline 
  • Strategizing on how best to tap into their creativity, honor their resilience, and inspire themselves and one another to reach their fullest potential.
  • Increasing, encouraging, and supporting the inclusion and success of Black Males in the education industry.  
  • Establishing professional network of Black Males in education


  • P-16 Black Male students have few chances to meet and interact with Black Male Educators 
  • P-16 Black Male students are not exposed to the wide range of careers within the education industry
  • Black Males of all ages have few opportunities to gather in affinity to collectively to share, learn, laugh and lead with one another 

What happens at a BMEsTalk SUMMIT

BMEsTalk SUMMIT will be a dynamic and interactive learning experience design for and by Black Males.  

Sample Agenda: 

  • Welcome and Lunch
  • Community challenge activity 
  • Interactive small group conversations 
  • Structured College and Career Expo

Who is invited to attend?

Black Male students - high school and teacher preparation program students 

Black Male Educators - representatives from across the entire education industry

Who will facilitate BMEsTalk SUMMIT?

MR AYODELE HARRISON, Director of BMEsTalk will be the Lead Facilitator, alongside a team of BMEs from across the BMEsTalk network.

Want to bring BMEsTalk SUMMIT to your city?