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LEadership Lab Review

From Our Senior Partner – Oct 2021 Edition

So much effort, thought, and coordination goes into launching the BMEsTalk Leadership Lab and it is all worth it when we open up the zoom link to see this…

[Fall 2021 Cohort of the BMEsTalk Leadership Lab - Sept 22, 2021]
[Fall 2021 Cohort of the BMEsTalk Leadership Lab – Sept 22, 2021]

To lead brothas through interactive equity-centered learning experiences where brothas get to experience this…

Then to read end-of-workshop reflections like these….

  • “I valued being in a learning environment with people that look, talk and can relate with me. With the classes I am currently in, I am the ONLY Black student in the room and that can become disheartening at times.” – Alexander L., Aspiring Teacher, New Jersey

  • “I know that it feels good when you are listened to and being heard so I was glad to be able to lend an ear and support another black male educator. Hearing the perspective of someone who had a similar identity to mine, but their own personal upbringing and experiences allows this to feel different every time.” – Mark S, School Administrator, Georgia

After just our first workshop, I think it is safe to say that we are off to a great start. But wait…there’s more. The Leadership Lab continues on Oct 6, 2021 when we will reconvene and the focus will be Discussing Equity with Strangers. I would be remiss, if I didn’t shout out James Price. James is a BME based in North Carolina, a member of the CommunityBuild Ventures Cooperative and our Co-Facilitator for the BMEsTalk Leadership Lab. Thank you James for the brilliance, exuberance and expertise you bring to the Lab. I share more about the Lab in the monthly video below, as well as talk about a few of the Black Male Educator affinity group projects taking off in Atlanta, and share a few ideas for future blogs in development on the topic of Imposter Syndrome.

From Our Senior Partner video

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