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From the Desk of Ayodele – June 2023

Happy June! Summer is here! Which means two things:

FIRST – We just successfully wrapped the first ever BMEsTalk Incubator!  More on that in this month’s video.

SECOND – The BMEsTalk team is moving into our annual season of intentional rest. From June 12 thru July 10, 2023, our offices will be closed so that we can rest, rejuvenate and celebrate Junetenth. We are powered by CommunityBuild Ventures, our entire firm will be celebrating this season. 

During this time of rest, I plan on engaging in one of the wellness practices we teach in the BMEsTalk Incubator entitled Observing Mind

What is it? 

  • Pay attention to the inner thoughts, images, sensations and in your mind, making no effort to engage them.  

How does it apply to Black Male Educators? 

  • Educators expend a lot of mental energy thinking, reflecting and processing daily activities in the workplace. 

Why might Black Male Educators use this practice?

  • Cultivating our ability to observe thinking without getting caught up in it, has the potential to open us up to greater cognitive capacity to focus our attention squarely in the present moment.

I talk more about Observing Mind in this month’s video

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