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From the Desk of Ayodele – Oct 2022

October Affirmation — I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.

It is officially Fall in Atlanta, GA.  And that means it is “sweater weather”. As a big guy, I love the Fall.  I can layer up in hoodies, jeans and not have to worry about sweating all over the place.  While the weather is cooling off, the work of CommunityBuild Ventures and BMEsTalk continues.  

September was a very busy month and October is lining up to be the same. To all my k-12 educators, it’s “Rock-tober.” Please make sure you continue to exercise self-care during this season.  Daylight hours are shortening, the weather is changing, and mid-semester grades and academic progress reports are coming due. Which all amounts to feeling more stressed than normal.  This is why, October’s theme for the BMEsTalk Twitter Chat is #BeatingOctoberBlues.  FOr the entire month, we will host a chat on the topics of laughter, joy, self compassion and gratitude. All things that can help you with  #BeatingOctoberBlues.  

Watch my monthly video to get and stay caught up on all things happening.  Also, I added a new segment to the recording entitled, “In my Feelings…” This is a segment where I talk about my journey in enhancing my emotional intelligence.  Each month, I will share a recent emotionally challenging experience I had and discuss how I worked (or am working) through it. This month I share a reaction I had to receiving critical feedback from my President and CEO, Natasha Harrison, who also is my wife. 

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