Did you know that research has demonstrated that Black boys have more positive feelings towards school, ask questions and talk about school subjects out of class, graduate from school at higher rates, and are more likely to enroll in college when they’re influenced by Black Male Educators (BMEs)?

Federal, state and local agencies are expanding efforts to attract more Black men to the profession by investing in innovative solutions and engaging policy change, however, it is widely reported that Black Male Educators are leaving the profession due to real issues they face in schools, such as social isolation, high levels of stress, stunted professional development, and inadequate career advice.

BMEsTalk was founded to ensure that Black Male Educators have a culturally affirming professional learning community and leadership tools that inspires them to continue positively impacting the lives of all students, particularly Black boys, in schools.

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To create and curate safe, rich spaces for Black Male Educators (BMEs) to Connect, Grow and Lead.

Affinity spaces

for Black Male Educators

Culturally affirming spaces, designed to inspire Black Male Educators (BMEs) to achieve their full potential.


Because we are addressing the needs of
Black Male Educators

We exist solely for Black men and those looking to support them. BMEsTalk works diligently to connect Black Male Educators, leaders, and aspiring teachers across the U.S. and around the globe so they can inspire one another to continue leading proudly as Black men propelling their students towards a brighter, stronger future.

We do this by unapologetically affirming our race and lived experiences through our affinity spaces designed to engage and cultivate the WHOLE Black Man. In these spaces, we offer: Affinity, Leadership Development, and Career Pathways & Opportunities created specifically and uniquely for Black Male Educators.


Black Male Educators represent less than 2% of teachers and thus face unique challenges being the only one in their school, district, and other institutions. We create spaces for them to explore, celebrate, sustain, and process their experiences around their  identity.

Development &
Self Care

Black Male Educators are navigating unfavorable working conditions, which lack the support needed for them to grow as professionals. We designed high quality workshops that integrate self care to grow and nurture culturally responsive and sustaining leadership skills.

Career Pathways & Opportunities

Black Male Educators take on more than their fair share of unofficial responsibilities in schools, limiting their availability to learn about and pursue the wide array of career opportunities within their schools and across the education industry. We have built a global network of Black Male Educators connecting them to their future and companies to them.


A space and place to
stretch your soul

Take a moment to watch this video to see J. Tristan Hall, an Assistant Principal in Philadelphia, share his experience with and gratitude for BMEsTalk and the affinity space he’s been a part of for over three years.

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