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Imposter Syndrome Among Black Men

Imposter Syndrome Among Black Men

Imposter syndrome can be loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. This is often how I feel amongst groups of Black men I don’t know so well. You might think this is “strange” or “not in alignment” with my work.  Yes, I “create and curate safe, rich spaces for Black Male Educators to connect, grow and lead”, yet, I still experience the imposter syndrome among Black men. 

This could be a Men’s fellowship group at my church or a social gathering of Black men professionals here.  This feeling of being an imposter is completely self imposed.  None of the groups previously mentioned ever said anything to make me feel like a “fraud”. They have always been welcoming and cordial.  But for some reason, I just don’t feel like I fit in. 

Let me pause just for a moment to come clean on two things:

1). I like being by myself a lot; and

2). I have a very small circle (2 or 3) of close Black men friends, and to be honest, I speak to them infrequently. 

Ok, let’s pick back up at the phrase “fit in”. What does it mean to “fit in”, especially when I am referencing a group of people a share gender and racial identity with.

Well, I talk about this more in an episode of my podcast entitled: Imposter Syndrome among Black Men

Additionally, in another episode entitled All Black men means “ALL” Black men, I reflect on the intentional work I am doing creating spaces where all Black Male Educators feel welcomed, invited and hopefully not like an imposter.

Have you ever felt like an imposter? Please leave a comment below.

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