Our Why


If research has demonstrated that Black Male Educators (BMEs) can increase high school graduation rates for Black boys by more than 25%, why are BMEs feeling disconnected and undervalued, with few authentic opportunities to operationalize their gifts and talents? 

BMEs deserve:

  • More opportunities to gather in affinity to collectively share, learn, laugh and lead with one another 
  • Greater access to professional learning opportunities designed specifically for them to grow and enhance their personal and professional practices 

Our Approach


Guided by the framework Ruth King describes in her book Mindful of Race, we create and curate "intentional spaces" designed specifically for BMEs, where we can be safe enough to be vulnerable, challenged, and unedited, so that we can: 

  • Address unique issues we face personally and professionally
  • Strengthen our purpose to rejuvenate and enhance our individual and collective  professional practices
  • Establish professional relationships and gather contact information from one another