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Do you feel compelled to be a part of the life-changing mission of BMEsTalk? Whether you’re a black male educator yourself and you’ve walked in their shoes or if you’re simply someone who recognizes their importance and wants to see more BMEs in the education industry, we would be grateful for your support and sponsorship.

Join our endeavor to equip and grow black male educators today so we can have a stronger presence tomorrow.

There are thousands of reasons to become a BMEsTalk supporter (and NO good reason not to) but we’ve summarized our favorite reasons below.

Why you should become a BMEsTalk supporter…

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You want to support the creation of safe spaces that have an intentional focus on celebrating Black Male Educators.


You want to highlight your organization’s continued work in promoting equity in education


You want to inspire Black Male Educators to reach their fullest potential through participating in professional learning experiences customized to meet their needs.


You want to recruit Black males to the profession by uplifting a community of thriving Black Male Educators.


You want to ensure that Black Male Educators continue to make positive impact in the lives of all students, especially Black boys.

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Help us to continue to create and curate professional learning spaces for Black Male Educators centered around:

  • Practicing self care
  • Increasing social capital
  • Enhancing skills for greater effectiveness as professionals

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