What Are People Saying
About Us?

“Participating in the BMEsTalk Leadership Lab reaffirmed the fact that I was destined to be an educator and, most importantly, the unique power that I possess as a Black male educator.” 

– Kwame M., Classroom Teacher, Ethiopia

As Principal, I have to give and pour into everyone in a school of 1000+ kids and 200 adults, but no one pours into me professionally.  Thank you for this.” 

– Curtis L., Principal, Florida  

“You guys have hosted an experience that has helped to re-ignite the drive that I believed myself to have lost during the pandemic. I came into this with a lot of questions about my role and this experience has helped me realize so much. This training has taught me so much about my profession and taking care of myself.

– Devion L, Classroom Teacher, Georgia

“Thank you gentlemen so much for the intentionality you put into planning this [4-day PD].  It has flowed like no other PD I have ever been a part of. I was excited every morning to come back and fellowship and learn with these men. Thank you so much for the work you put in to make this experience great!!”

– Sterling S, High School Teacher, Georgia