Why BMEsTalk?

About us


BMEsTalk is addressing this issue and the needs
of Black Male Educators with four focuses.


A space of like-mindedness for Black Male Educators crucial due to the isolation many BMEs feel in their role. Unfortunately, black male educators are often the only one (or one of a few) in their school, district, and other institutions.


Connecting BMEs to their future and companies to BMEs. Black Male Educators receive limited assistance when considering their career opportunities in the education industry.


Virtual spaces created specifically with the Black Male Educator in mind. Instead of trying to fit into a digital community that doesn’t understand their unique situation, BMEsTalk designed one to fit their needs.

Development &
Self Care

Our expertly designed leadership classes and programs help schools, companies, and educators learn how to support, develop, and retain BMEs in their networks.

Our Approach

Guided by the framework Ruth King describes in her book Mindful of Race, we create and curate “intentional spaces” designed specifically for BMEs, where we can be safe enough to be vulnerable, challenged, and unedited, so that we can:

  • Address unique issues we face personally and professionally
  • Strengthen our purpose to rejuvenate and enhance our individual and collective professional practices
  • Establish professional relationships and gather contact information from one another