Why BMEsTalk?

About us


BMEsTalk is addressing the real issues and needs of Black Male Educators through the following offerings:


Black Male Educators represent less than 2% of teachers and thus face unique challenges being the only one in their school, district, and other institutions. We create spaces for them to explore, celebrate, sustain, and process their experiences around their  identity.

Development &
Self Care

Black Male Educators are navigating unfavorable working conditions, which lack the support needed for them to grow as professionals. We designed high quality workshops that integrate self care to grow and nurture culturally responsive and sustaining leadership skills.

Career Pathways &

Black Male Educators take on more than their fair share of unofficial responsibilities in schools, limiting their availability to learn about and pursue the wide array of career opportunities within their schools and across the education industry. We have built a global network of Black Male Educators connecting them to their future and companies to them.

Our Approach

Guided by the framework Ruth King describes in her book Mindful of Race, we create and curate “intentional spaces” designed specifically for Black Male Educators, where we can feel safe enough to be vulnerable, challenged, and unedited, so that we can:

  • Address unique issues we face personally and professionally
  • Strengthen our purpose to rejuvenate and enhance our individual and collective leadership practices
  • Inspire one another to continue leading proudly professional educators