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From the Desk of Ayodele – Dec Edition

Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! The end of 2022 is sprinting to a close.  I hope this note finds you all well. In this month’s episode of From the Desk of Ayodele, I invited my friend and colleague, Anthony Lobban, to join me.  If you don’t remember me saying it before, Anthony and I have been working together to design and launch the BMEsTalk Catalyst and Incubator, Georgia’s first leadership development certification program for Black Male Educators. Anthony has over 15 years teaching and leading in schools.  Additionally, he is master designer and facilitator of equity centered adult education. 

In the episode, Anthony and I spend some time reflecting on our year of working together and expressing gratitude. For this conversation, we used the prompts below to guide us.  The prompts are the same prompts we ask our participants to respond to after every workshop or training session.  

  • Something I realized or learned …
  • A moment I really appreciated… 
  • I could have made this year better if… 
  • As a result of our work this year…

Since I didn’t share my typical run down of the month in the episode, below you will find a summary of how I spent the last 30 days.   

  • I attended two in-person conferences: 1. Black Male Educator Convening hosted by the Center for Black Educator Development and 2. 50th Annual Conference of the National Alliance of Black School Educators.  It was such a pleasure traveling on business, reconnecting with old friends, making new ones and deepening my understanding of leadership development. 
  • I spent time reflecting on the progress and development of the BMEsTalk and further articulating our 3-year strategic vision.   
  • I submitted two major grant applications seeking investment for the future growth and expansion of BMEsTalk 

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