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From the Desk of Ayodele – May 2022

I am all a mixed bag of feelings and emotions right now.  Overwhelmed. Tired. Energetic. Motivated. Supported. Affirmed. Well, well well, it has been a busy busy and productive month.  One thing I can say is that I have an amazing team and support with me on this journey and I am so grateful for them.  

One of my biggest accomplishments this month was to get closure to clearly articulating what I do.  Well, thanks to the help of Allison Todd and her team at SiMar, I landed on…

“Hi, my name is Ayodele Harrison.  I help Black Male Educators scale their leadership skills through coaching and training. I am their personal guide to developing skills in order to increase their annual incomes.”

Boy oh boy does that feel good to say.  Yay ME!  

It’s really been hard for me to craft a 2 sentence statement like that.  Why? Well…I feel I do so much, that trying to nail it down to two sentences has been a super challenging. What do you think? 
Ok, so back to my month in review.  Click here to listen to be blab about it. 

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