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Summers Off

SIDENOTE #1: The image above is giving me so much life. 

SIDENOTE #2: Ok, this post is for non-educators and educators who need something to send to their non-educators friends who think that all they do during the summer is chill. 

Ok, yes, summer is the time when many educators, particularly those who work in schools with direct interaction with students and families, to Netflix & chill. Or make haste to a sunny spot on the coast. Or take 6-hour naps every two hours or so. 

ADDITIONALLY, for a large number of educators, it’s a time for learning.  

Attending educational conferences. 

Completing certification/degree coursework. 

Writing a few chapters of their dissertation.  

Reading one of the many books recommended to them by their Facebook groups. 

Attending the University of YouTube to determine what the heck is Critical Race Theory (CRT) or how to make vegan pork chops.

In a recent episode of Ayodele Speaks, I share my thoughts on how we need to expand the narrative on how educators spend their summers.  Take a LISTEN!

By the way, it really ain’t none of your business!

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